The International Trade & Investment Center in 2017

International entrepreneurship is a topic of interest for many Dutch companies and the potential of international trade is huge. A recent ITIC-research has shown that 47% of companies, covered by our study, are planning to expand their business internationally within the next eighteen months. Furthermore, 28% of them has the intention to expand into China, Latin America, Asia and Africa. However, most of our clients believe that internationalization of SME companies deserves more attention.

Last year, we noticed an increase in the demand to map risks and opportunities in foreign countries. Our meetings with experienced exporters and investors, our market- and location scans as well as our business development services contribute to this need. With vast experience in reducing the risks of expansion in foreign markets, the International Trade & Investment Center (ITIC) guides companies in the realization of more international trade and investments. Our main focus is to guide companies from contact to contract.

Recently ITIC has expanded its services, personnel and operations and is now active in Iran, China, Japan, India, Morocco, Singapore, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil.

In 2017, sharing and using our networks is our main issue. ITIC Global, being a private trade and investment promoter and matchmaker, will give most attention to support companies which are active in the following sectors: food, waste management, water management, horticulture, ICT, and real estate. Some main themes are Smart Cities, Elderly Care, Food Security, and the Regional Business Climate in some countries.

Each month, ITIC organizes business development and network events. Business professionals can meet and discuss opportunities and risks of investing in and trading with foreign countries. For an overview of our activities, please visit the event page on our website: