About ITIC

ITIC signs co-operation agreement with the European American Chamber of Commerce (EACHAM) from the Guangdong Province

The International Trade & Investment Center (ITIC) is a private trade & investment promotion foundation with a non-traditional approach. We are a worldwide network organization, focusing on matching companies worldwide. We emphasize innovation in our products and services. ITIC combines cross-border trade and investment promotion with leading innovation in dealmaking solutions.

ITIC consists of a team of seasoned business professionals with global experience in a diversity of competencies and skills. Our drive is to be a value-adding partner in the market of trade, internationalization strategy, and location solutions, as well as in the implementation of these solutions.

In order to be able to address specific trade and investment issues, we have established a pool of reliable management consultancy firms, who all have a substantial track record in their field in their countries.


ITIC is an experienced orchestrator of the entire process of networking, deal-making, location strategy, and the roll-out. ITIC is working with an international network of alliances and experts with offices in our focus countries: Europe, India, China, the USA, Japan, South Korea, the Gulf States, Indonesia, Colombia, and South Africa.

We can assist your organization in improving and controlling the way you manage and maintain your trade and investments. We can support you with risk management throughout the entire lifecycle of your expansion into foreign markets. Our advice is objective and independent. It is not based on the need to complete a specific transaction. What we do and how we work are always client driven.

Our non-traditional way of working allows not only for maximum flexibility of resources per project but also ensures that for each project, we will involve the persons with the right skills at the right moment. This approach ensures a high success rate for maximum quality at a competitive price.

The International Trade & Investment Center (ITIC) is your business partner in your search for opportunities in foreign markets:

  • An independent private institute for international trade and investments;
  • Worldwide network with business councils in Europe, India, China, the USA, Japan, South Korea, the Gulf States, Indonesia, Colombia, and South Africa;
  • Good contacts with the EU-commission, governments, Embassies, Consulates and bi-lateral councils;
  • Experienced organizer of trade and investment missions, seminars, conferences and matchmaking events;
  • A network of experts in market research, subsidy requests, location strategy, site selection, partner selection, matchmaking, as well as the actual setting up, managing and growing of a company.

ITIC Mission

The mission of ITIC, the International Trade & Investment Center, is to support companies in reaching sustainable growth in foreign markets. ITIC supports companies that are active or wish to become so in foreign markets.

ITIC supports and advises companies and provides access to an exclusive network, both in Europe as well as in our other focus regions, such as India, China, the USA, Japan, South Korea, the Gulf States, Indonesia, Colombia and South Africa.

ITIC supports companies when exploring new markets and expanding and improving the existing international activities through collective activities and company specific activities. We offer many companies a valuable network of fellow entrepreneurs, service providers and governments abroad.


ITIC represents a platform for the business community that is internationally active or has the ambition to become so. ITIC brings about business relations and contracts between companies and foreign markets.

ITIC aims to reach these goals by implementing the following instruments:

  • Organizing network activities (networking events, international summits, seminars, and trade and investment missions for hit teams). Business contacts and contracts are established between European companies and foreign ones, both in Europe and in foreign markets, with the objective of strengthening the international market position of the business community and generating ITIC provides targeted trade and investment promotion and exploitation of opportunities by organizing high-quality trade and investment activities, such as trade missions, networking events, sparring sessions with experienced exporters and investors, and conferences with decision-makers;
  • Using and connecting Trade & Investment Business Councils to companies, knowledge institutions, and (semi-)governments in Europe and abroad. As a federation of regional Trade & Investment Business Councils with operations in the respective countries, ITIC forms a worldwide network of knowledge, experience, and contacts;
  • Providing individual advice in the value chain of trade and investment promotion.