Extra Energy for Economic Expansion (E4): the International Trade & Investment Center

by Enterpreneurs for Enterpreneurs

About ITIC

The International Trade & Investment Center (ITIC) is a private trade & investment promotion foundation with a non-traditional approach. We are a worldwide network organization, focusing on matching companies worldwide. We emphasize innovation in our products and services. ITIC combines cross-border trade and investment promotion with leading innovation in dealmaking solutions.

ITIC consists of a team of seasoned business professionals with global experience in a diversity of competencies and skills. Our drive is to be a value-adding partner in the market of trade, internationalization strategy, and location solutions, as well as in the implementation of these solutions.

In order to be able to address specific trade and investment issues, we have established a pool of reliable management consultancy firms, who all have a substantial track record in their field in their countries.

ITIC Solutions

ITIC delivers innovative business solutions, as we provide:

  • Market know-how; support to companies dealing with internationalization, relocation issues, alignment of real estate, locations with business and supply chain strategies;
  • Unique networks in our key countries, e.g. China, the USA, Japan, South-Korea, Indonesia, Colombia, Iran, Russia, Turkey, India, South Africa, and the Gulf States.
  • Risk management; confidentiality and objectivity combined with flexibility, but also external and internal stakeholder management;
  • Confident Implementation; set-up time compression and transparent decision processes facilitating management buy-in.
  • ITIC has a unique track record in creating value for our clients. It is exactly what we will do for you, using our professional expertise, our broad networks and dedicated commitment, to deliver solutions that will add value to your business from strategy to implementation.

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