International Trade & Investment Solutions

  • We want to enter the Asian market. What are the best entry modes for our products?
    Could ITIC find partners for us?
  • We are expecting an increase in market growth. Where should we build a new factory to save operational costs, or alternatively, should we outsource our manufacturing?
  • The European market seems to be attractive to promote and distribute our product. We need a good business plan for Europe. Could you evaluate our current business processes and supply chain, and develop a customized strategic plan for our network of operations?
  • Our company is expanding rapidly and needs a flexible approach for our locations. Could you recommend ways to reduce the cost of our locations?
  • Our company intends to centralize European customer support functions, and is in need of a new location, with an appropriate number of multilingual employees. Could you help us to find the best location from which to conduct this new operation?
  • What are the main product and market aspects that are influencing our market entry strategy and requirements in Brazil?
  • Our company wants to consolidate some distribution centers in Asia. What is an optimized location and facility network, taking into consideration the inventory, transport, labor and real estate costs as well as the required delivery time?
  • Which markets are interesting for our company’s product, service and/or technology?
  • Which risks does my company face?
  • We want to coordinate our Asian operations more effectively, and are in need of a Asian regional head office. What are the best countries and cities for us?
  • Which are the best locations for your distribution center?
  • How much do you have to invest and how do you get financing?
  • How do you reduce risks in foreign markets?

For all these and many more questions, the International Trade & Investment Center (ITIC) has an answer.

Delivering Business Solutions

ITIC delivers innovative business solutions, as we provide:

  • Market know-how; support to companies dealing with internationalization, relocation issues, alignment of real estate, locations with business and supply chain strategies;
  • Unique networks in our key countries, e.g. China, the USA, Japan, South-Korea, Indonesia, Colombia, Turkey, India, South Africa, and the Gulf States.
  • Risk management; confidentiality and objectivity combined with flexibility, but also external and internal stakeholder management;
  • Confident Implementation; set-up time compression and transparent decision processes facilitating management buy-in.
  • ITIC has a unique track record in creating value for our clients. It is exactly what we will do for you, using our professional expertise, our broad networks and dedicated commitment, to deliver solutions that will add value to your business from strategy to implementation.

1. Strategy Development

ITIC helps you to enter foreign markets, facilitate international investments, (re)location, consolidation and exit strategies. Through a comprehensive assessment and co-development of your company’s business plan, with location portfolio objectives, ITIC assists you with defining project parameters and location factors. Furthermore, our experts can support both your investment and divestment strategy through project management.

The result of this process will be the first step for your company to save considerable time and costs when entering new markets, establishing new branches, and enhancing their locational and operational flexibility. In the current economy, support can also be provided for the creation and execution of growth and exit strategies.

Services include

  • Comprehensive business strategy assessment
  • Develop market entry strategies for companies
  • Develop export plans
  • Develop foreign investment plans with our proprietary methodologies and tools
  • Matchmaking (e.g. distributors, agents, joint ventures and technology partners)

2. Location Research

ITIC helps you identify and select the most suitable country, region, city, site, location and property, by assessing alternative locations, and aligning the location and property decisions with your corporate strategies. Through market evaluation and prioritization, site selection and screening, ITIC assists your company to identify the optimal location by means benchmarking countries, regions, cities, sites, and facilities. We can also assist you in determining the financial and operational feasibility, by analyzing business scenarios and compare costs, quality and flexibility of locations.

Services include

  • Preparing and conducting benchmarks at various levels, including countries, regions, cities, science parks, business parks, sites and facilities (offices, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, Shared Service Centers, R&D-centers, Head offices)
  • Location screening, modeling and comparison
  • Providing insight into (EU-)subsidies via our quick scan subsidy options of the national governments and the EU in the area of foreign trade
  • Quality control and sanity checks of location studies

3. Implementation

ITIC assists you with the implementation of your investment, your entry into foreign markets, and location decisions.

Services include

  • Conduct fact findings and orchestrate site visits with, for example, government agencies, real estate companies, HR companies, and tax experts
  • Program management of trade and foreign direct investment projects
  • Cross-cultural management training

Sector Focus of the International Trade & Investment Center

  • Renewable Energy and Green Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Logistics
  • Agri-Food

Focus Team Agri-Food Sector

The many interfaces with societal challenges (health, food security, poverty alleviation, energy, water, climate/biodiversity) make the Agri-Food sector a unique top area that can make an important contribution to meeting these challenges. The Agri-Food sector includes agriculture, farming, and food processing activities, thus occupying an important position in the agenda for the coming decades as the challenge remains to meet global demand. Partners of the International Trade & Investment Center are making contributions to address the following international challenges:

  • Improving people’s public health and quality of life by developing innovative products that support healthy diets and lifestyles;
  • Global food security, scarcity, and transition. A major challenge is that by 2050, 9 billion people need to be fed sustainably in the context of changing geopolitical power relations. The aim is to achieve twice as much production with twice as less input, including a transition from animal to vegetable proteins;
  • Integral sustainability of food production and consumption (environment, landscape, labor) and ecologization of the economy;
  • Sustainable use of raw materials, closing cycles, and reducing the ecological footprint and less dependence on imports from outside the EU;
  • Reducing energy consumption, production, and greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the use of renewable energy.

As a large worldwide network organization, specialized in matchmaking, ITIC has been converting its network contacts into real business deals. The activities of ITIC are:

  • Matchmaking of suppliers and buyers internationally;
  • Matchmaking start-ups with investors and financial institutions;
  • Souring of finance and subsidies on behalf of its partners;
  • Site selection and benchmarking countries, regions, cities, Science Parks, and business sites for all relevant location factors;
  • Translating research discoveries into applications that innovate breeding and agricultural productivity.

ITIC Sourcing Office China

The International Trade & Investment Center has set up a team in China to support our worldwide relations for their needs in health, nutrition, food and skin care ingredients; food and non-food chemicals; and food and non-food commodities.

Our ITIC team in China assists our international relations in sourcing dedicated, qualified and competitive solutions within our wide manufacturing network for the specific needs of our relations. We collaborate fully transparent with independent quality and process control management to meet the requirements of our relations.

Our team is based in Beijing with partner offices throughout China.

ITIC’s Trade & Investment Support Desk

Even if you are already active in a market, you may sometimes encounter unexpected issues, problems, and challenges which your company needs to gain direct experience with. The Trade & Investment Support Desk of the ITIC is fully equipped to support you in a practical manner with your preparations for international expansion, market entry into a country or region, or resolving problems or issues that you are confronted with unexpectedly.

The ITIC Trade & Investment Support Desk makes use of experienced and locally operating experts in the countries in which you are active or wish to be so. Therefore, your question or problem will be resolved on location issues by people who have already dealt with these types of issues and/or have experience with the issues or problems you have encountered.

The ITIC Trade & Investment Support Desk offers expertise in the following areas:

  • International Customs and import regulations
  • Supply Chain Management and optimalization
  • Market research
  • Partner / distributor selection
  • Setting up a business
  • Site selection
  • International legal and tax issues

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