Seminar May 8: The impact of China’s One Belt One Road-project

An interactive seminar with a presentation by the Chairman of the One Belt One Road Culture and Trade Promotion Association, Mr. Li Qi, who will be  leader of an incoming business mission from China.

Mr. Li Qi, The Chairman of the One Belt One Road Culture and Trade Promotion Association

Mr. Li Qi, The Chairman of the One Belt One Road
Culture and Trade Promotion Association

Since its introduction by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, the “One Belt, One Road Initiative” has attracted considerable attention. It is an ambitious plan to revitalize the ancient Silk Road overland and maritime trade routes linking East and West. The Initiative  is supported by China with more than $ 900 bln,  involving more than 60 countries and several international financial organizations. If offers  unprecedented opportunities for business partners of China.

During the seminar, the following questions will be addressed:

  1. What does this One Belt One Road Initiative mean for Europe and for international trade and investments?
  2. How could European countries and cities utilize the Initiative for attracting more trade and investments?
  3. What does One Belt One Road mean for logistics centers in North- Western Europe and their Gateways, such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg
  4. What should European business partners do best to be part of the Initiative?

In tapping opportunities arising from One Belt One Road , Chinese enterprises are not confining themselves to investing in major infrastructure projects. In fact, quite a number of them have established distribution channels in Belt and Road markets to sell different kinds of products. Others have chosen to set up manufacturing plants or source raw materials in Belt and Road countries for the Chinese mainland market.

The types of businesses involved are increasingly diversified. In order to boost overall operational performance and foster sustained development of their overseas business, many of these enterprises need a great deal of service support to link up mainland production systems with their overseas business operations. In addition to utilizing networks in Shanghai, Hong Kong and elsewhere to improve international logistics efficiency, they also have to strengthen information and capital flow management.

In the seminar, entrepreneurs will discuss how we as Europeans could leverage on these business opportunities. Also, representatives from governments in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands will discuss how they will take advantage of the Chinese One Belt One Road Initiative.