On Thursday the 10th of November 2016, the professorships ‘Active Ageing’ and ‘International Business’ welcomed a Chinese delegation from the Shangdong Medical College. Lecturers Louis Neven and Frans Stel gave presentations about the theme ‘Elderly care in China’, after which a discussion was opened between the Chinese delegation and several companies situated in the province of Brabant. Additionally, the opportunities for an international cooperation and the utilization of these opportunities were discussed. Especially in the area of education of healthcare, professional support is needed and wanted. Consequently, in a ‘Community of Practice’ discussion it was debated by the companies and Asia experts, among which ITIC Global chairman Jan Siemons, which actions could be taken. China is looking for knowledge and technology, but it is hard to grasp what they mainly want to learn. Besides providing healthcare, prevention of symptoms and illnesses by for example exercise, nutrition and information through e-health care, is important.

A strategical analysis on the basis of as many consortia as possible will be made by several companies, who will support and complement each other. The purpose is to formulate one or several collective projects with regards to ‘Care in Asia’. Avans University of Applied Sciences (the professorships Active Ageing’ and ‘International Business’) will cooperate with Dutch companies and experts to anticipate on the increase in the demand of elderly care in China. The ageing population is a hot topic in China and is therefore interested in the Western ways of dealing with their elderly. These ways would have to be made applicable to the Chinese society.

Want to learn more about ITIC’s plans in 2017 for the topic of elderly care in China? Please contact sanne.v.d.vlies@itic-global.com