12 December Breda – International Entrepreneurship & Venturing Day 7+7
Dear Sir or Madam,

You are kindly invited to participate in the International Entrepreneurship & Venturing Day. Organised by the Centre of Expertise of Sustainable Business of Avans University of Applied Sciences, this event will take place at the Avans building on Hogeschoollaan 1 in Breda on 12 December.

In the morning, experts exchange their experiences during 7 “Communities of Practice”.
After lunch, you have the opportunity to participate in 7 serious games on 21-century skills.
In a key note, I will summarise globalisation trends and their impact on sustainable business.

Apart from gaining new insights, you will have ample opportunity to increase your national and international business network.

View the programme details on our website.

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We hope to welcome you on 12 December!

Frans Stel, PhD

Professor of International Business
ESB Centre of Sustainable Business
Avans University of Applied Sciences