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The International Trade & Investment Center

Supporting you to expand internationally by facilitating in Deal Making, Market Positioning, Market Entry and Location Advice.

Connecting you with over 10.000 organizations from our portfolio!

About ITIC

The International Trade & Investment Center (ITIC) is a private trade & investment promotion foundation with a non-traditional approach. We are a worldwide network organization, focusing on matching companies worldwide. We emphasize innovation in our products and services. ITIC combines cross-border trade and investment promotion with leading innovation in deal-making solutions.

We are expert in supporting acquisition, targeting and after-care strategy. We support countries, cities, and investment promotion and development agencies in their branding, targeting, acquisition and after-care strategy and policy formulation aimed at maximizing the volume and quality of trade and investments.

ITIC is a large network organization with contacts among more than 10,000 European companies, specialized in matching companies, cities and industrial parks with potential investors. The organization is established by top executives from the international business world, media, and knowledge institutes in Europe, with Dr. Jan Siemons as the chair of the board. We have a team of seasoned business professionals with global experience in a diversity of competencies and skills. Our drive is to be a value-adding partner in the market of trade, internationalization strategy, and location solutions, as well as in the implementation of these solutions.

Jan Siemons, our founder and chairman, has previously been a partner at EY for 16 years, being responsible for starting and managing the International Location Advisory Services (ILAS) and Real Estate Advisory Services (REAS). Jan has been engaged in projects for over 200 multinationals expanding and restructuring in Europe. Furthermore has Jan been the Managing Director of the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (Nederlands Centrum Handels Bevordering) for 4 years, and the Secretary General Europe for the Chinese One Belt One Road Culture & Trade Association for 4 years.

Our team of experts is divided between regions, sectors and themes. The regions where we have our biggest network are Europe, China, Japan, Russia, America, Latin America, ASEAN, The Middle East, Central Asia and the Gulf States. Other countries where ITIC is strong are South-Korea, Indonesia, Colombia, Turkey, India, and South Africa.

ITIC makes use of internal Think Tanks, consisting of industry leaders in the field. Our 3 Think Tanks cover the following topics:

  • One Belt One Road (Chinese Investment Program)
  • Elderly Care & Life Sciences
  • Smart Cities
  • Renewable Energy
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  • Food, Agro and Horticulture

ITIC Solutions

ITIC has 7 areas of expertise through which we provide our solutions, being:

  • Location Advice & Market Entry
  • Marketing & Positioning
  • Complex Problem Solving & Decision Making Support
  • Supply Chain Strategic Advice & Partner Selection
  • Real Estate Advice and Strategies
  • Smart City Solutions & E-governance
  • Match Making & Deal Closing

ITIC delivers innovative business solutions, as we provide:

  • Market know-how; support to companies dealing with internationalization, relocation issues, alignment of real estate, locations with business and supply chain strategies;
  • Unique network in our key countries.
  • Risk management; confidentiality and objectivity combined with flexibility, but also external and internal stakeholder management.
  • Confident Implementation; set-up time compression and transparent decision processes facilitating management buy-in.
  • ITIC has a unique network and a great track record, as our CEO has been engaged in projects for over 200 multinationals expanding and restructuring in Europe. Thanks to this network and our knowledge we can create value for our clients. That is exactly what we will do for you, using our professional expertise, our broad network and dedicated commitment, to deliver solutions that will add value to your business from strategy to implementation.

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